Look! An actual post and not something I queued in the dead of night.

I’ve been super busy with job stuff and boyfriend stuff and Leaky stuff. But I wanted to make a quick post about Leakycon!

I’ll be there. Clearly. I’m running LeakyNews’s press, and I’ll also be running the Glee, Teen Wolf, Ravenclaw, and Fanfic meetups. AND I’ll be presenting on two panels (Fan Journalism and a Sharknado viewing) and moderating another.

So if you see me and want to say hi, say hi! I feel like a presumptuous ass saying that, but I swear every time I go to a fandom thing I get a few messages after that are like “I saw you but I didn’t want to bug you.”

Bug me! Come say hi, and come to my stuff if it’s stuff you want to come to!

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what a great nap, i feel totally disoriented and i’m frothing with hate 

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One day the Avengers come back to the tower and realize someone broke in so Tony checks the security footage and its 24 minutes of Deadpool singing Fergilicious while making an inhuman amount of pancakes and then at the end of the video he takes all of these hundreds of pancakes and leaves and they’re all just like wtf and when they go to bed their beds are all lined with pancakes.

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the avengers cast takes comic con 2k14 [part 2/?]

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"Alright, Dorito."
— Robert Downey Jr to living tortilla chip Chris Evans
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AVPM songs + Harry Potter movies
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au where kurt and blaine meet at comic con, kurt cosplaying captain america and blaine freaking out over him plus sam being the embarrassing best friend~!

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