Glee Spoiler Sources: Legit, Lame, and Everything in Between

It seems like everyone knows someone on set or who has a screener and everyone has watched a scene get set up or heard something through the grapevine or found an Instagram or Spotify page. 

Now that we’re officially in Glee season, here’s a list of and link to the most pervasive sources, along with notes on what to watch out for before you get too worked up.

This is all under a Read More because I’ll be updating it as the season goes on and more trustworthy (and untrustworthy) sources emerge.


Mainstream Media Sites (link goes to site’s Glee tag): These are all trustworthy in that they don’t generally lie or report false news, etc, but every site has their own bias and attitude coloring their reporting, ESPECIALLY when they livetweet watching the episode screeners.


TV Guide:


E! Online:


Other Media Sites (link goes to site’s Glee tag): These are sites that are smaller and a bit more internet-based, if you will. They’re still growing so they kind of feel like somewhere between a fansite and something like EW. They don’t tend to get ~exclusives~ but they are no less reputable, and in some cases can be a little more tolerable because they don’t spend quite as much time sucking up to the Glee Powers That Be. But keep in mind that the smaller, more personal nature of the sites could leave them even more prone to personal biases.

Buddy TV:

Give Me My Remote:

Spoiler TV:


Unsourced Websites (link goes to main site or site’s Glee tag, where available): Here’s where it gets dicey. These are websites that are run mostly through fan contribution and have little to no fact checking and verification, but since they have official sounding names, are often taken at face value.

Glee Wiki:

Tumblrs: We’re just full on into dicey now. Some tumblrs actually do get spoilers and/or screeners once in a while, usually due to a source on set. But anyone can make an official sounding Tumblr. I just saved the URL ‘gleescoop’ just because I can. See? Links go to main Tumblr URL. You’re on your own from there. 






Twitters: The only thing worse than tumblrs are twitters. People can - and do - just tweet whatever they want. STOP BELIEVING THEM. Here are the twitters I’ve come across that claim to be sources. They are not. Unless they’re one of the official Twitters I’ve listed in the first section below, or just retweeting spoilers from one of the safe sources, it’s likely speculation or pure invention. 

Official Twitters (Keep in mind that even these people might misspeak or just do something stupid. Also I’m not going to list the entire cast, just the people behind the scenes you might not remember right off the bat, and Ryan Murphy because I feel like he’ll haunt me if I don’t):

Unsourced probably fake spoiler Twitters:

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